Say It Now

I walked away from supper with some friends, and sat down in my dorm’s lobby with Alan and James. We were just talking and figuring out what we were going to do that night. That’s one thing that I love about college – your friends literally become your family for six months out of the year. We spent a few minutes catching up about our days. We also threw some plans around for the evening. James’s brother was coming down to visit for a few days – that would be fun for all of us.

Unexpectedly, James turned to me and said, “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever, Daniel.” I looked back at him and concurred – it had felt like a long time. And even though we had eaten lunch together two days before, I had missed talking to my friend in the busyness of the past 48 hours. I struggle with feeling secure in my friendships. I never used to be this way, but it does not take much for me to wonder if I am overcommitted in a friendship. So, it meant a lot to me that he had missed me too.

Maybe I am overdramatizing this interaction. Honestly, I probably am. But it’s those small things in friendship that mean so much to me. That’s what we all want in relationships. Isn’t it? The human soul wants to be loved, cared for, and missed. And that’s how I felt in that moment.

I saw something about this on Instagram the other day: “If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that you should tell people how important they are to you. Not because they could leave at any moment, but because they’re here now, and it’s worth saying something.” I could not agree more.

I often feel that people are afraid to show that they care for others because they are afraid of opening themselves up to that sort of vulnerability. Because of that, many meaningful and encouraging things go unsaid. I wonder, sometimes, how many people never become friends because they are afraid to be seen as too clingy, or are too scared – or proud – to initiate the first interaction.

So, I encourage you today – reach out to those you care about. Let them know how much they mean to you. Even if it’s a simple phrase – such as, “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.” Tell them that they mean something to you. For them, it could mean the world.


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