About Me 

It is my intent to keep this blog anonymous, so I will forgo the giving of my name. However, I am roughly 20 years old. I’d like to describe myself as a dedicated Christian, but that is not always the reality. I currently attend a major Christian college in the southern United States, and I am pursuing a degree in business. When I am not studying or working I can usually be found hanging out with my friends or taking a nap on the beach. Friday night pizza and wings is my passion, as well as a good all-American cheeseburger. When I watch football (which is rarely) I root for the Lions – or Syracuse, if we are talking college. 

I have tossed the idea of starting a blog around in my head for several years, and it is my intention to dedicate myself to this one for at least a year – maybe more. With that said, I don’t necessarily see myself as being infinitely wise or having a story that must be heard. All the same, I remember how much certain bloggers have helped me in my life and with my story, and it is my hope that my blog could be the same to someone else.